Friday, March 4, 2011

There's no time like the present!

Hello!  After opening a Blogger account in January, I am finally writing my first post!  I just kept waiting for some fabulous idea to come to me to write about, and realized today that I just need to stop procrastinating and do it.

My goal for this blog is to write about things that I do or make around my home.  I've been inspired by reading so many creative blogs and I feel like I might have a few little pearls of wisdom that I can contribute as well.  I already have some projects that I have finished that I am looking forward to sharing.  I'm currently knitting a baby blanket for my very first nephew who is due to arrive in April.  I also have been enjoying watching the progress of my paperwhite bulbs.  This is the first time I've encouraged paperwhites to bloom in the house, and it has been such a wonderful joy to see how much they have grown each day when I come downstairs in the morning.  These are just a few of the things that have been brewing in my house this winter.