Wednesday, December 7, 2011

By the Chimney with Care...

Greetings Blog Friends!

I love decorating for Christmas.  I'm still working on different elements both inside and outside of my house.  For example, I had the brilliant idea yesterday of putting up my outdoor lights in sub-freezing temperatures.  It took me a while to thaw out, and the sad part is that even though I checked them beforehand, some of the lights aren't working.  My mantel, however, has been done for days, and I just love it.

Because of the TV niche above my fireplace, I must keep my mantel decor low profile.  My lighted garland was the perfect starting point.  And if you're wondering, that's the menu for "Love Actually" on my TV.  It's one of my favorite movies, especially at Christmas time, and it was a real challenge to eject the disc hit the books instead!  

The garland actually looked really pretty all by itself, but I decided to add a few accents anyway.  I love these little votive holders that look like antique mercury glass.  And for safety, I have battery operated tea lights inside, just in case I forget to put them out before bed time.  

I found these little tree ornaments at Crate & Barrel.  They add a little extra sparkle and whimsy.

The silver stocking holders finish off the top of the mantel.  "Joy" and "Wish" are such nice holiday sentiments.

I made the small red stocking several years ago.  It actually turned out a bit smaller than I expected, but I love it even more because it is petite.  

The snowflake stocking matches my tree skirt.  I like the classic look of red and white.  

I like to accent my stockings with an ornament.

Finally, I hung some petite silver ornaments underneath the mantel.  I love that they have a vintage look and add a little sparkle in an unexpected place.

My Christmas mantel gives a warm feeling of coziness to my living room.  It's the perfect focal point for the room, and true to the stocking holder, provides me with a true sense of joy, knowing that I will be spending Christmas with my family.

And, yes, I changed it up a bit for these pictures with the menu for "White Christmas."  This is a true classic and very appropriate with all of the snow that is currently on the ground!




  1. Jenn, Your mantel is very pretty and the love the stockings. Especially the petite one.
    Happy Holidays,

  2. Jenn, Wish you could decorate for me!! So pretty and special.