Monday, September 26, 2011

Fall Mantel

I decided to participate in the Fall Mantel party over at The Lettered Cottage.  I have a really pretty mantel and would love to put up some fantastic decorative items, but because my television niche is above it, I have to keep my decor low profile.

So I decided to go with pumpkins.

Many pumpkins.

Pumpkins of different shapes, sizes and colors.

Fabric pumpkins, to be more specific.  I had the felt off-white pumpkins already.  I bought them years ago at a fun little store called the Old House in Hog Hollow in Chesterfield, Missouri.  But I knew that three pumpkins were simply not enough, and I wanted to add in some nice Fall colors.

A trip to Joann's was in order.  It was a lot of fun picking out fabrics.  I found some crushed velour-ish fabric in a gold, olive green and crimson first.

Then I added in some suiting plaids.

The plaids remind me of the sport coats with leather patches on the elbows, popular professorial attire of the 80s.  And what is more iconic in the Fall than Back-to-School?  

I rounded out my mantel with  these music candles.

I'm really happy with how everything turned out.  And the best part is that my mantel represents some of the things that I love the most:  Fall, school, and music!

I'm looking forward to spreading more and more bits of Fall decor around my house.


*I apologize for the poor picture quality.  I took these at night, and had to use the flash for some.  I love my point & shoot camera but I'm dreaming of a digital SLR!


  1. Looks good!! I love your cute pumpkins!

  2. I love all your pumpkins!! Did you have a pattern to make yours? I would love to do some! Thanks so much for sharing.


  3. Love this!! So you made the pumpkins? It looks fantastic. Stopping by from The Lettered Cottage.

  4. How did you make your pumpkins? They look great!