Monday, September 5, 2011

Pretty Dry Erase Calendar

We can all use a little help to stay organized.  I've discovered that even with everything that technology has to offer, I still like to have a calendar that I can write on in my kitchen.  Until now, I've had a dry erase calendar from an office supply store hanging on my refrigerator.  It's been quite functional and easy to access, although not very attractive.

One night, while browsing through Pinterest, I came across this super cute idea of making a white board out of a picture frame.

I decided that with a little tweaking, I could make my own calendar that would look prettier in my kitchen.

I found a frame at a thrift store for $1.99.  It was just a plain, wood frame, but the right size, and not too heavy.

I had some left over spray paint from another project, so I gave it a couple of coats of black paint.

I used a scrap of burlap that I had left over from my island skirt project to cover the back of the frame.
After cutting it a little larger than the size of the frame, I ironed it, and attached it to the cardboard backing piece with packing tape.

I created a blank calendar template and printed it onto a piece of scrapbook paper.  I attached it to the burlap backing with double stick tape.

After putting the frame back together, I attached adhesive magnets to the back of the frame.

And voila - an pretty calendar for my fridge!

I like how the burlap and the black frame are harken back to the island skirt.

So all in all, a simple and inexpensive way to keep track of important dates.



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