Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Air Up There

I've been thinking about a way to have line-dried laundry for a while.  Don't get me wrong, I love my dryer, but I've really been wanting a way to dry my sheets and some of my clothes by taking advantage of Mother Nature.

I have a small balcony that I haven't been using for anything.  There is a lovely view of the side of my neighbor's house.  I suppose if I had a view of the mountains, I would consider sitting out there occasionally.  But really, the only time I've actually gone out there was to enjoy a fabulous thunderstorm with a glass of wine!  I decided that this would be the perfect place for my new al fresco laundry facility.  Bonus:  my laundry room is upstairs and just steps away!  So I made trips to Home Depot and my garage and gathered up these:

The installation was so simple.  I drilled some pilot holes and screwed the laundry line into the wall.  I screwed the hooks on two places on the opposite wall, and the final hook on the original wall.  Now I can pull the line across the balcony and back, creating two lines for me to use.

I promptly went inside and washed my sheets so I could have something to line dry!

Here is a nice shot of the side of my neighbor's house looking over my sheets.

They dried super quickly.  And they smell so fresh.  When I got into bed last night, I was completely comfortable on my soft, freshly laundered sheets.  It's a great feeling to know that I can whiten my whites naturally with the help of the sun and save energy at the same time. 


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