Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Inspiration from Sarah & Tommy

Sarah Richardson is my favorite designer on HGTV.  I have obsessively followed the first three seasons of Sarah's House, and I still can't decide which house is my favorite.  There are design elements that I love from each season.  But...if I had to pick one, I suppose that her farmhouse is the one I like the best. 

Sarah's use of fabric, color and texture breathe life into the rooms that she creates.  She also loves to give new life to furniture from flea markets and auctions.

Of course her show is entertaining as well as informative, largely due to the great chemistry between her and design partner, Tommy Smythe. 

I am so excited because HGTV Canada has finally decided to share Sarah's Cottage with us here in the good ol' United States.  The premiere of Sarah's Summer House (fancy American title) will be on Saturday May 7, 8pm/7pm on HGTV.

Do yourself a favor and set your DVR to record every episode of Sarah's Summer House!

*All images from HGTV and HGTV Canada.


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